Angus just Awesome. No more to say!! Alan Giles To Kez and crew. Fantastic achievement by you all. Make the most of the weather in Barbados it's chuffing freezing here. Look forward to the stories of your trip when you return. Once again a brilliant and extremely brave effort. Parto and family. Parto Simon ... your a legend.. your crew should be proud x kazza grose Incredible achievement Mike. You should be extremely proud and pleased with yourself. A=Ma=zing!!! Sue & David x Sue & David Morris Well done lads! Fantastic effort. Nothing you can do about the weather. See you soon Kez. Cheers Ad Adam Colton Absolutley amazing! Well done Berry and your crew. ian Well Done Andrew, RHS is extremely proud of you and all the team. Fantastic Effort, what a team! Susanne Wood Mike - so, so proud. Can't imagine how you must be feeling. Bottle it and never forget it! Lots of love, Jo xxxxx Joanne shepherd A fantastic result. Well done to everybody. Pamela Hi Guys, Delighted to hear of your safe arrival and a good time despite just missing out on the record. It's a marvellous acheivement you should be all proud of. Best regards from the delivery team of the yacht MARIPOSA BLANCA. Andy Petty
Titan 2013:TIME TAKEN :35 days, 13 hours & 50 minutes


TITAN is the latest light-weight 8 man ocean rowing boat to be constructed by Woodvale. She has been designed to go after and break the "4 minute mile of ocean rowing" and achieve the ATLANTIC SPEED RECORD CROSSING in under 30 days.

Leaving from Gran Canaria in early January 2013, the international crew are rowing to Barbados with the current record of 32 days to chase. This year, Titan is leaving port as a strong crew of 7 men, which will provide a more light-weight advantage too!

You can follow them here and leave messages of support and encouragement – or just tell them to hurry up!

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